So you are thinking about filing a case! Perhaps, you wish to seek a refund from a person or company. It is also likely that someone has filed a baseless case against you. No matter the reason, getting quick legal help is always advisable. However, before filing a suit, you should always consider whether it is possible to resolve the case out of court. More and more individuals are exploring other ways (called as alternative dispute resolution or ADR) to resolve their legal matters without a case. There are many benefits of using ADR to settle your matter.

Saves time

Legal hearings can take a lot of time before the case comes up in front of the judge. You may have to stay contended with a series of hearing dates till the case opens up before the judge for arguments and hearings. You can avoid such a scene and save plenty of time by settling the dispute through ADR. In ADR, it takes a lot less time to work out and draft an agreement that is acceptable to both the parties of the dispute.

Saves money

When you file a suit, you are required to bear concurrent expenses in the form of legal expenses, fees for expert witnesses, your lawyer’s fees and other expenses. All these expenses can dent your wallet substantially. However, you are able to save all sorts of expenses by opting for ADR. Additionally, since the dispute is resolved sooner, you don’t have to take off from your work that may cost you dearly.

Give better control over the case and outcome

When you go through legal hearings, you don’t have much control over the case and its outcome. The judgment is delivered by the judge/jury in view of evidenceĀ and witnesses. It is likely that the judgment may go against your favor. However, the situation is different when you settle disputes through ADR. In ADR, you get a chance to actively participate in working out a solution that is favorable to you. Also, you could create solutions that are beyond legal provisions and powers of the court